Baptism is God’s most beautiful gift and it has three most profound effects upon the person who is baptized. First, Baptism makes Jesus our brother and God our Father. By this Sacrament, we become children of God. Second, It sets us free from the stain of original sin and gives us the Holy Spirit to live with God now and for eternal life. Third, Baptism makes us part of God’s people and members of His Church. Through the waters of baptism, we receive and share in God’s grace, enlightenment, and anointing for the rest of our lives into eternity. Baptism enables us to fulfill the reason we were made: to love God and love our neighbor as taught to us by the Son, Jesus Christ. Baptism helps us know, serve and love God in this life and be happy with the Lord in the next life. We congratulate all parents, godparents, and candidates for baptism. The priests, parishioners and staff are here to offer the sacrament of baptism and accompany you and your family in living the Christian life. Please see the following information to schedule or seek baptism.

Photo by Jose Fuentes

FOR INFANTS: Baptisms for infants are usually planned for the Second Sunday of each month following the 12:00pm Mass in the main church unless other arrangements are made with the pastor in advance. To arrange and schedule a baptism it is necessary to fill out a Baptismal Request form. You can fill out a Baptismal Request form in a few ways.



  2. Call Parish office at 617-547-0120 and ask assistance in filling out a Baptismal Request Form

  3. After any of the Masses pick up a Baptismal Request Form at the exits to the Main Church.


We ask that a copy of your child's birth certificate be sent to the office. Parents and godparents are required to attend a preparatory class with the priests on the Friday evening prior to the baptism. The Friday evening class begins in the church hall at 6:00 pm and concludes by 7:00 pm.


FOR CHILDREN 8 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER: While children over eight years of age and older still need the help and guidance of their parents and other adults, they are no longer infants. Children eight years and older (the age of reason) have important ideas and questions that are worth answering. They know the difference between right and wrong. Children eight years of age and older are prepared for all three sacraments of initiation - Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion - at the same time. For more information on this process, please speak with one of the priests who will help you understand and begin this preparation. Baptisms of children eight years of age and older normally takes place at Easter. It is important that you speak to the pastor when requesting a baptism of a child eight years of age and older.


FOR ADULTS: Adults who wish to receive the Sacrament of Baptism are also prepared differently than infants and children. They undergo preparation that answers their questions and helps them know how to love God and their neighbor. Adults who seek baptism undergo a process of conversion and renewal. This preparation process ensures that they will be accompanied throughout this process and even after their baptism. Adults are prepared for all three sacraments of initiation - Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion - at the same time. Adults baptisms normally take place at Easter. Adults who want to be baptized or learn more about it are encouraged to speak with the pastor.