The Build the Faith Music Fest developed from a collaboration between Fr. Michael Harrington and Monica Lacouture who brought together St. Mary Parish, Build the Faith Non-Profit and the Holy Family Institute to put on a Music Festival. The first Festivals took place in 2018 and 2019 and performers included Jon Niven, Higher Love, Katoli-K, and Ministerio Musica de Paraclito.

The first year focused on just the concert and the second year broadened into a festival with food served from Beantown Taqueria. Music from the festivals can be seen below:


Higher love Performing My Lighthouse in September 2018

Higher Love Performing Mighty Warrior in 2018

Katoli-K Performing Qelindo in September 2018

Ministerio de Musica Paraclito Performing Como Não Falar Do Seu Amor September 2018

Finale All Bands Performing Who You Say I Am September 2018