The sacrament of Confirmation seals the baptized Christian with the Holy Spirit. The sacrament protects and enriches the Christian with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so they will succeed in living as a Christian in a world that can make our hearts weary. Confirmation is given to us by our Bishops who received the Holy Spirit’s gifts at the first Pentecost. 

CONFIRMATION FOR TEENS: We encourage all children who have received their First Holy Communion to continue catechesis in the parish in preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. Formal registration for Confirmation begins when a student enters 9th Grade. 



Candidates must write a letter to the confirming Bishop requesting the sacrament. The Catholic Church canon law requires that Confirmation sponsors must be baptized and confirmed Catholics who are practicing the Faith and are able to receive Holy Communion. We ask all sponsors to provide verification of this via a form distributed to all candidates. 


For more information about this year’s Confirmation program click here 

CONFIRMATION FOR ADULTS: The parish has preparatory sessions and classes for adults who wish to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. These classes are for Catholics as well as Christians who were baptized in other Christian denominations and wish to become members of the Catholic Church. Please call the parish office or speak with one of the priests to help guide you through this process.