Congratulations on your engagement! Weddings are done throughout the year, with meetings being set between the priest/deacon and the engaged couple. This is usually done 6-12 months before the date of your wedding. Remember to check with the church before finalizing your date and time!

Photo by Jose Fuentes 

The intimate and natural union of man and woman was established by God the Creator. It is a vocation that allows and supports men and women who seek to live their lives for love of their spouse and children that bless their union. For Christians, marriage is a holy sacrament. It is also not without its challenges and hardships. For that reason, Christ blesses the union of the Christian man and woman to sustain them and keep them together in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health all the days of their life. Couples are to be commended and supported for entering into this sacred vocation. In order to arrange a wedding at St. Mary Church in Cambridge it is necessary to complete a Wedding Request Form. You can fill out a Request Form in the following ways.


  2. Call Parish office at 617-547-0120 and ask assistance in filling out a Wedding Request Form
  3. After any of the Masses pick up a Wedding Request Form at the exits to the main church and return to the parish office on any weekday.
Photo by David Sullivan