Celebration of the Confirmation of our Students August 28, 2020

News April 20, 2021

Confirmation of our students!

We were blessed to receive the Central Region Vicar Rev. Brian McHugh to our parish to confirm some of our students. This was an extraordinary year as the Confirmation schedule was cut short by the Covid pandemic. Classes stopped abruptly in March of 2020. We had to puch back the date of the Confirmation and not all of our students were confirmed. All the same, t was a great blessing to finally be able to confirm all of our students.

The following students were confirmed.

Frida "Madre Teresa de Calcutta" Vasquez

Heysel "Lucy" Benavides

Jailine "Maria de Guadalupe" Romero

Giselle "Cecilia" Calderon

Anthony "Padre Pio" Duffaut

Demitri "Demetrius of Thessaloniki" Pierre-Perez

Tyler "Anthony" Belleste

Freddy "John the Baptist" Medina-Vasquez

Below are a few pictures. If you want to see a small slideshow of the Confirmation Click Here

Confirmation 2020
Our Confirmation students: Top row L to R are Tyler, Freddy, Demetri and Anthony. The bottom row L to R are Gisselle, Heysel, Jailine and Frida
Confirmation 2020 2