Our Beloved Dead Obituaries

Priests who have served or lived at St. Mary Parish

(Please note this list is not comprehensive. This portion of the sight is new and we gather information as is possible)

Rev Philip King
Rev. Philip King (Funeral was held at St. joseph Church in West End) 



Lay People who have been offered to eternal life from St. Mary Parish Church.

(Please note that this list is far from comprehensive as thousands have been buried from this parish. Listed here are more recent deaths. If you know of someone who had their funeral in our parish church but has not been listed, please let us know and we can add them.)

Zacarias S. Ruiz
Zacarias S. Ruiz (Funeral November 25, 2020)



Alberto Tambellini
Aldo Tambellini (Funeral November 20, 2020)




Valentine Duffaut



Valentine Duffaut (Funeral October 9, 2020)



Cross of Christ


Thomas J. Carbone (Funeral November 23, 2020)


Daniel Remeika


Daniel Remeika (Funeral October 8, 2020)



James F. Leaman Jr.
James F. Leaman Jr. (Funeral August 20, 2020)




John P. Peterson
John P. Peterson (Funeral March 6, 2020)




Josephine O'Meara
Josephine O'Meara (Funeral February 10, 2020)



William P. Gibson (Funeral August 22, 2020)
Theresa M. Vasseur
Theresa M. Vasseur (Funeral October 25, 2019)




Edward B. Morrissey
Edward B. Morrissey (Funeral August 10, 2020)




Thomas E. Cunningham


Thomas E. Cunningham (Funeral September 28, 2020)