Who we are

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Saint Mary’s Catholic Church of Cambridge, just a few blocks from Central Square, is a place “set apart” for the glory of God.  

And, like this church, we too have been consecrated, “set apart” for the service of God and the building up of his Kingdom. The grandeur of this church and the altars, stained glass windows and sanctuaries that make it up remind us of the strong and loving people who built it for worship. In their coming in and going out of this house of prayer, the people of St. Mary’s, living in the power of the Holy Spirit, have conquered hearts for Christ. 

Through St. Mary’s Church, we have come to believe and understand that in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word, we discover the grandeur of our own humanity, the mystery of our life on this earth, and the sublime destiny which awaits us in heaven (cf. Gaudium et Spes, 24). 

We who enter this church are far from perfect. At every Mass, in every prayer and in every proclamation, we confess our weakness. If we boast of anything, it is of the Lord’s goodness (1 Cor. 1:31). We continue to offer Him, in hope and confidence, our prayers of penance. He has, in return, given us his mercy and providential care.” 

We want to welcome you to our faith community. We invite you to become active members who help us, in Christ, build for the future.