Parish doors
Photo by Jose Fuentes

Welcome to St. Mary Parish in Cambridge. We are pleased that you have visited our website to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Since 1867, Saint Mary’s has served the spiritual and pastoral needs of the Catholic community and often to the Cambridge society as a whole. From her beginning, the parish has been blessed to welcome immigrants from around the world. In the first 100 years, we welcomed immigrants primarily from Ireland and Italy. Today our parish is blessed to be renewed by newer immigrant communities from every corner of the planet.

We are called to proclaim the saving message of Jesus Christ. We do this through Word, Sacrament and Service to our brothers and sisters especially those most in need. We are called to help you see God who loves you and providentially cares for you.

If you are new to the area, we look forward to meeting you personally. We hope that you find a haven here among people who pray together, work together, and grow in friendship together.  If you have not been active in the practice of your Catholic Faith, we encourage you to return.  If you would like to speak with someone on the parish staff, please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.  If a previous marriage has kept you from receiving the Sacraments, we invite you to contact our pastor, Fr. Michael.  In many cases, we can work with you toward a favorable solution, so you can again receive the Sacraments in the Catholic Church.

We strive to be a place for you to grow spiritually, to put your faith in action, and to use your gifts of time and talent as disciples of Christ and for the glory of God.  We look forward to answering any questions you may have and, in the meantime, invite you to explore our website to learn more about our parish, register if you wish, and reach out with your questions and needs.